AutoCreative Ways to Use Lighting to Customize Your Vehicle

Creative Ways to Use Lighting to Customize Your Vehicle

Heavy-duty trucks experience more stress than passenger vehicles. Wear parts require frequent replacement to maintain safety and performance. Quality replacement parts from reputable brands extend truck life through collision repair and routine maintenance. This article shows heavy duty vehicle parts that might need to be changed with the passage of time.

Brake Pads and Shoes

Brakes stop trucks weighing 80,000 pounds, facing intense heat and wear. Replacing pads/shoes before metal contact preserves drums/rotors. Quality pads from brands like Wagner last longer under heavy loads.

Drive Belts

Belts power vital systems. Cracked belts fail without warning during operation. Check condition regularly and replace all if one breaks. Name-brand belts like Gates endure heat and friction.

Brake Chambers and Hoses

Brake chambers convert air pressure to mechanical force. Cracked hoses allow air leaks causing soft pedals. Replace worn parts to pass inspections and avoid dangerous brake failures.

Lighting and Electrical

Headlights, marker lights, turn signals, and wiring take abuse from road debris and weather. Inspect regularly and replace broken items to meet safety standards. Quality bulbs ensure visibility.

Fuel Filters and Water Separators

Dirt in diesel fuel damages expensive injection pumps. Change spin-on filters every oil change. Replace bulk separators annually or as needed to clean fuel entering the engine.

Air Filters

Clogged air filters reduce power and efficiency. Clean safety/fuel filters more often in dusty conditions. Foam/paper elements require replacement on a schedule. OEM-equivalent filters fit properly.

Oil and Fuel Filters

Contaminants circulate throughout engines if not filtered. Change oil/fuel filters regularly per manufacturer guidelines. Quality replacement filters protect against sludge and corrosion.

Shock Absorbers

Shocks control load movement, keeping cargo secure. Worn shocks cause instability, increased tire wear, and handling issues. Replacing in pairs maintains vehicle balance.


Commercial tires cover thousands of miles before needing replacement. Inspect for irregular wear indicating alignment issues needing collision repair. Recap retreads save money versus new tires.


Chips turn into cracks compromising visibility and safety. Replace damaged windshields promptly to pass inspections. Laminated glass stands up to weather and impacts.


Cold cranking amps are crucial to starting diesel engines under all conditions. Inspect terminals/cracks annually. Replace weak or dead batteries to start reliably.

Cab Suspension

Rubber cab mounts deteriorate, allowing frame flexing and noise. Tight cab mounting controls vehicle motion. Replace worn bushings for driver comfort.

Engine Components

Belts, hoses, gaskets, sensors, and seals require periodic replacement. Address leaks immediately to prevent further engine damage from collision repair needs.

Wheel End Components

Bearings, seals, hubodometers, and brakes are worn down from continuous use. Inspect during oil changes and replace as needed to avoid breakdowns.


For heavy-duty vehicles to operate efficiently and save money, they must be well-maintained and outfitted with dependable spare parts. Unexpected malfunctions can be costly to fix and cause disruption. Commercial fleet operators may maximize the lifespan of their heavy-duty vehicles and save needless repairs by performing routine inspections and replacing parts before they become obsolete.

Some of the most often replaced heavy truck parts were discussed in this article. Through vigilant maintenance of high-wear components such as brake pads, filters, bulbs, hoses, and others, owners may optimize system uptime and prolong the lifespan of their precious assets. Heavy vehicles may be kept operating safely and effectively for many arduous years by including replacement parts in regular maintenance plans.

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